Thursday, 10 October 2013

Newbold Verdon Primary School
Mrs.Bolland's Class - 1979

Back Row: ?, Claire Everitt, Joanne Kellock, Darren Taylor, Andrea Kelly, ?, Charlotte Lane, Mrs.Bollands

Middle Row: Alison Wright, ?, Lisa Battle, Sally Walton, Richard Crowfoot, ?, ?, ?, ?

Front Row: Tina Southwell, ?, Hayley Loakes, Joanne Nutting, Georgina Middleton, Darren Astill, Clare Butler

Many thanks to Wendy Butler for sharing this photo. 


  1. Second in from the right on the front row is Darren Astill

  2. Thanks for your help Clare and Wendy.

  3. Far right middle row is Nicholas Bibby, second from right on middle row is Mark Hulbert, fourth from right on middle row is Dean Barney?
    Far left middle row is Alistair Wright not Alison?
    Far left top row I believe is Clinton Newman