Thursday, 10 November 2011

Mrs.Woolerton And The Recorder Groups 1991

Newbold Verdon Primary School
Mrs.Woolerton And The Recorder Groups 1991

Back Row: ?, Nicola Johnson, Claire Smith, Rachel Bell

Third Row: ? , Amy Horton, Emma ?, Laura Machel, Jolene Ringe

Second Row: Sally Tipper, Kerry Deacon, Kimberly Looms

First Row: Kate Adams

Bottom Row: Gary Ewen, Sarah Ewen
Back Row: Sarah Gallagher, Lisa Holman, Alicia Constable, Sarah Davidson, Kelly Stobbs

Third Row: Gemma Lovett, Katy Welsh, Zoe Rayner, Lucy Haywood, Ben Bates

Second Row: Rosanna Dodson, Anna Toon

First Row: Sophie Law, Lynsey Marshall

Back Row: Amy Horton, Stephanie Smith, Ruth Wilkinson

Middle Row: Catherine Davies, Laura Spradbury

Front Row: Rebecca James, Amy Wright

Many thanks to Gemma Kendrick for naming everyone.

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