Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Chaos At Crusty Towers - June 1980

Back Row: Jennifer Warner, Rosemary Langton, Paul Barnes, Rebecca Lane
Front Row: Tanya Astil, Yvonne Beck

Back Row: Michelle Hammond, Rebecca Lane, Alison Wadsley
Front Row: Joanne Hitchman, Johanna Hayes, Karen Shaw

Back Row: Paul Kendall, Neil Cody, Steve Cawrey, John Spencer, Richard Lewis, Jeffery Freeman, David McCullam, Ben Heath
Third Row: Rebecca Lane, Yvonne Beck, Joan Jordan, Jane Griffin, Karen Shaw, Alison Wadsley, Joanne Hitchman, Tina Stanton, Tanya Astill
Below Karen Shaw: Andrew Chick, Carl Aris, Michelle Hammond, Lindsey Graham, Karl Southwell
Second Row: Sharon Coles, Tracey Baker, Rosemary Langton, Paul Barnes, Jennifer Warner, Karen Freeman
Front Row With Recorders: Tracey Davies, Johanna Hayes

Chaos At Crusty Towers was an afternoon play performed to show off different pupils talents. It was also tied in as a leaving present for Ann Burdett who retired after spending ten years at the school.

All of these photographs are from the collection of Ann Burdett.

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